Hurricane Dorian Delivers the Best Tubes New Jersey’s Seen All Year

Hurricane Dorian Delivers the Best Tubes New Jersey's Seen All Year

Last week, the Atlantic Ocean stirred from its summer slumber and the first major hurricane of the season whirled to life. Hurricane Dorian became the second strongest hurricane in recorded history, and as a Cat-4 storm, it absolutely devastated the islands of the Northern Bahamas.

As the hurricane continued on its path, it moved onward and upwards, delivering more favorable conditions to the New Jersey coastline in the form of perfect, offshore, make-you-call-out-of-work-“sick” tubes. Surfers all along the Eastern seaboard flocked to the Garden State–including ex-‘CT surfer Cory Lopez and Floridian Robbie McCormick–to get a piece of the Dorian pie alongside locals Sam Hammer, Rob Kelley, Jamie Moran and more.

Local photographer and 2019 Follow the Light finalistOpens a New Window. Ryan Mack was there on the scene to capture the above footage. Unfortunately, whilst chasing the waves further south in Florida, all of Mack’s gear was stolen – his cameras, his laptop, water housings, everything. Luckily, he was able to borrow some equipment and whip up the above “Amp Sessions” for us in a short amount of time.

While there’s much–in the form of flawless, sand-bottomed tubes–to ogle at in the video above, it’s a tragedy that that world-class waves in one area often coincide with devastation in another during hurricane season. If you’d like to contribute to a disaster relief effort, click here:

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